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During a volunteer health fair in rural areas of India, Dr. Singh came across many people with irreversible vision loss either due to inappropriate medical care, access to health care or understanding of their condition. He later learned from the physicians he was working alongside that these conditions could’ve been treated, which would’ve saved their vision. Dr. Singh decided to pursue his dream to provide comprehensive compassionate care to anyone in need.

We have been blessed to be part of the society where we have prodigious access to healthcare. However, Eye Care has become very commercial. Many patients have unresolved visual issues and unanswered questions pertaining to their eye health even after their eye exam. Most patients’ complaint of their eye exam being very short and incomplete. At 20/20 eye care, your eye health is our primary focus.

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Dr. Ampreet Singh

Office Admin

Bableen Kaur

Office Admin

Joan Maccannell

Our Goals

  1. We strive to provide quality comprehensive eye care with the highest level of proficiency, integrity, and professionalism.
  2. We strive to enhance our patient’s lifestyle and image by providing state of the art fashion eyewear and premium lens products.
  3. We strive to enrich the profession of optometry through clinical education and mentorship programs to future optometrist.
  4. We support Eye Care programs in third world countries and underserved areas with monetary funding and volunteer trips.

How Important is your eye-health to us at 2020 Eyecare?

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We want to empower you regarding your eye-health, so you know how to handle your vision forever.

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