Contact Lenses

We specialize in soft as well as specialty contact lens fitting. Specialty contact lenses (sclerals, gas permeable, hybrids) are most commonly used in cases when patients present with abnormalities of front surface of the eye.

At 20/20 Eye Care, we have a dedicated contact lens room where contact lens fitting is performed. Contact lens fitting not only covers insertion and removal training, but it also includes the doctors assessment of how the contact lens fits your eyes as well as over-refraction (to confirm if the prescription in the contacts is the right prescription for you).

How a contact lens fits your eyes determined the comfort and longevity wear of the lens. It is a crucial part of the exam, as many cases with acute infections and red eyes are a result of improper fitted contact lenses.

Call us today to schedule your contact lens fitting and find out what contact lens will fit your daily needs.