Consistent lubrication is necessary for maintaining the health of ocular surface and for providing clear vision. Dry Eye syndrome (DES) is a condition in which there is insufficient lubrication either due to inadequate tear supply or poor quality of tears. Dry Eye syndrome is a chronic inflammatory condition and must be treated aggressively.

Risk Factors:

Computer/hand held device use.

Old age: Tear production decreases as you get older

Being a woman: condition is more common in woman (2:1), especially when they experience hormonal changes due to menopause, pregnancy and the use of contraceptives.

Diet low in Vit-A

Extended/improper use of contact lenses.


Irritated, red eye

Gritty feeling or feeling of something in the eyes

Excess watering

Scratchy/itchy eyes

Burning eyes

Advance Dry Eye can damage the front surface of the eye and impair vision. 

Depending on the severity of the condition, treatment could vary from 
conservative management with warm compresses and ocular surface lubricants to prescription eye drops and ointments to decrease inflammation. Call 905-766- 3721 to schedule a Dry Eye Consult!

What does 20/20 Eye Care do Different??

✓ At 20/20 Eye Care, we employ state of the art instrumentation to quantify and monitor any improvement overtime in the symptoms.

At 20/20 Eye Care, we listen closely to our patients visual concerns, analyze their daily living activities to assess the demand on their visual system. We understand that not all dry eyes are the same and hence they cannot be treated the same way.

At 20/20 Eye Care, our Comprehensive eye exam includes in depth analysis of the quality and quantity of tears produced by the eyes with special dyes and state of the art instrumentation.

Assessment of eyelid gland, cornea and conjunctiva

Assessment of eyelid structure and blink dynamics.

Analysis of the results, patient education and discussion of treatment and/or lifestyle changes.

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